Registered Persons

Description Cost VAT Incl.(R)
Annual Fee -Pharmacist assistant learner or learner post basic. 228.00
Application for approval of tutor for the purpose of training 1338.00
Application for registration as a Community Service Pharmacist 4015.00
Application for registration as a pharmacist assistant (LEARNER OR LEARNER POST BASIC). 1996.00
EXEMPTIONS -Pharmacist's Assistants (basic or post- basic) – Retired (aged 70 or older) 77.00
GENERAL-Register: List of persons per row or line (pharmacists/assistants/assessors/moderators) 9.00
GENERAL-Study Guides – Learner/Trainer Pharmacist’s Assistants 818.47
Pharmacist assistant - change of tutor 425.00
Pharmacy Evaluation - approval as a provider of Pharmacist's Assistant course 67555.00
Pharmacy Evaluation - approval of a Pharmacist's Assistants course/qualification 29175.00
Resign as a Tutor 0.00
RESTORATION voluntary removal -Pharmacist’s Assistants 1108.00
RESTORATION voluntary removal -Pharmacists’ assistants (basic or post-basic) – Retired (aged 70 or older) 38.00
RESTORATION-Pharmacist’s Assistants 2161.00
RESTORATION-Pharmacists’ assistants (basic or post-basic) – Retired (aged 70 or older) 231.00
Tutor - issuing of duplicate of certificate 2196.00